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Policies and Prices for Adopting Kittens

For adopting kittens, we focus in the geographic area of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. We partner with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and adopt in accordance with their policies.

We encourage a safe, masked in-persosmall kitten adoption DC sleepingn visit with the kittens here in their Mother of Kittens adoption foster home We also offer kitten delivery and provide in-home placement. If, after your meet & greet, you have fallen in love with a kitten or two and decide you want to adopt, you will be given a link to the pet’s online application.  Mother of Kittens will coordinate with AWLA to review your applications.

Read more information about AWLA’s adoption process on their website Kittens available for adoption are here.

Adopting Kittens Questionnaire

  1. What is your housing situation? Do you live in an apartment or house, and do you rent or own?
  2. What pets have you had in the past?
  3. How much do you estimate it costs to care for a cat per year?
  4. What are your plans to provide care while away from your home for an extended period (such as travel or vacations)?
  5. Our adoption policies stipulate that no adopted cat can be allowed outdoors or declawed. Will you agree to this?

Fees for Adopting Kittens

  • $200 – Kittens six months and younger
  • $300 – Kitten pair (We strongly encourage adopting kittens in pairs.)
  • $125 – Adult cats
  • $100 – Senior cats (10 years and older)

Fees for Kitten Adopting Include

  • A certificate for a free exam with a participating veterinarian.
    Fees for other services performed will be paid by the adopter to the veterinary hospital.
  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Age-appropriate vaccinations
  • A personalized I.D. tag
  • A microchip
  • An information packet

Kitten Care and Nutrition

black kitten adoption DCKittens are an amazing combination of delicate and strong, tender and tough, fragile and feisty. Once a kitten goes home with you, they will be eating solid food, using the litter box, and either be spay/neutered or ready to be.

We strongly recommend high quality, grain free wet and dry kitten food. Current food brands will be provided upon adoption(usually we use Wellness brand).

Other than food, all adopters will need one to two litter boxes, and non-clumping litter to start with. Kittens eat litter, so non-clumping protects their insides, and after any surgery clumping sticks to sutures.

We will provide a few toys and a blanket, but kittens need stimulation for their brains to grow and lots of soft, warm places to curl up (preferably with you!) and sleep.

For the first few days, kittens will need a separate room. A bathroom will do, but the best option is to put a litter box, food, water, and bedding in a room you spend tons of time in, close the door and settle in to get to know each other. Introductions to family members, especially children and other pets, may need to take places over a few days or weeks, depending on your kitten. We’re always happy to help with anything, including integrating kittens into your household dynamic!

It’s important to introduce the kitten to your vet as soon as possible also – well kitten visits are a great way to start. That way you’ll have a baseline for your kitten’s health for the future. And vets & vet techs love meeting healthy kittens!

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